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Our curriculum has evolved over the last thirty years and has been guided by the philosophy that children learn better through play

Our play-based curriculum involves learning concepts through art and sculpture, science and nature, storytelling and dramatic play, blocks and building, gross and fine motor play as well as movement, song and dance. We strive to make a connection with the world around us, incorporating our environment into our daily lessons. Our lessons enable children to learn through auditory, visual and hands-on experiences. Educating a child in a play-based atmosphere is natural for them and our curriculum enables continuous learning by making connections in their daily lives. 


Our classrooms are center based which may include science centers, writing centers, sensory tables, reading nooks, kitchens, dramatic play ares and/or block centers. Children choose activities based on their interests and are encouraged to develop social skills along the way as they play with classmates. Our thoughtful curriculum is child-centered and our teachers provide activities and classroom environments where children can develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain self-confidence. Having routines and a class structure help to ultimately prepare children for a smooth transition to Kindergarten.

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